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Anonymous said: post/59315477672 hi i just wanted to let you know that akiura-san has reposted that gifset of yours :(

Thank you for letting me know :) It looks like they’ve taken it down already, though.



yeah but ok aoba loves koujaku a shit ton like he actually??? retreated?? into himself so deeply that his other self took over because he felt so awful about crushing Koujaku’s mind like you don’t see him doing that with anyone else AND even though he’s so far gone and his other self is so completely different there was still one thing that remained constant and that is his love for Koujaku he can retreat into himself yet that love cannot go away Aoba could be anything and that would never change Koujaku is so fucking important to him ok and he’s??? his??? hero??? he literally says “you were my hero” how can anyone even say he doesn’t love koujaku as much did we even play the same game idk

koujaku’s bad ending is my favorite bad ending out of the whole game because it stands out in so many different ways and i don’t even know why we aren’t talking about it more??? one of the first discussions i had my dmmd friends after i had gotten into dmmd was whether or not shiroba was actually sly blue. their answer was yes, he is technically sly blue as he refers to himself as being aoba’s ‘other self’ (and we already know he only has 3), but that he also had a different appearance as well as slightly different values that seperated him from the sly blue that we know. so ‘shiroba’ was the fandom name given to the sly blue that existed in koujaku’s bad end. sly blue pops up in other endings as well, and if you think about him in this way, it is a giant red flag that koujaku’s bad ending is special from other endings. firstly, because koujaku doesn’t drag aoba into mind hell with him- which happens in almost every bad scrap attempt (excluding clear, but then clear’s personality change was due to toue’s upgrade of him, not by aoba’s scrap). i mean we could have had a bad ending where be!jaku has all the power and mentally tears aoba apart for all eternity, but we didn’t get that. instead we got the only ending in which aoba has all the control (and also uses it in a bad way but meh what are gonna do).

sly blue appearing in bad endings isn’t anything special, either. he pops up in minks bad ending too, but his appearance in koujaku’s ending is p significant because he states that- despite pretending that he isn’t- he genuinely is in love with koujaku. and this just… dosent happen? in like ANY other route? if you take the history trip gives you about sly blue, you can assume that sly has no reason to stick with any one person because he just wants to have fun. trip says aoba’s ‘other self’ was a player- similar to koujaku- and didnt really give a shit about who he was with. for example, he does the frickity frack with mink in his bad ending, but says over and over that he’s really just in it for the sex. he makes no indication that he has romantic intentions for mink at all. he is totally different in koujacks route, where he’s completely obsessed with his love and acceptance of koujaku and won’t shut up about it. i mean shiroba still dosent give a shit about anything but he obviously gives a shit about koujaku- koujaku is not just a one night stand for him.

also the fact that aoba gives up so easily in koujaku’s bad ending says a lot about the meaning of the promise they made to each other. baby koujack tells baby aoba to never give up, and baby aoba’s response is to basically throw his words back into his face. so it wasn’t a one-sided promise more than it was a deal between them. ‘i won’t if you won’t’. so they go into bad ending and aoba goes back on his word, meaning the promise has no meaning to him if koujaku isn’t there to keep up his end. aoba already thinks that the power of scrap is ‘evil’- he says it again and again. he would rather die that hurt other people with it. so from his pov, he permanently destroyed someone who was his hero and did nothing but protect him and look after him- someone who trusted him, and who he considers to be a good person. therefore aoba himself must be horrible person- a monster.

holy shit this is a novel i’m stopping now im sorry;;

noiz and koujaku living together when noiz realizes that koujaku has no idea how to speak german. koujaku the technically inadequate already can’t figure out how to use microwaves and iphones and the TV remote, constantly cursing these “new age kids with their idroids and electropads”, but noiz decides to change the settings on everything in koujaku’s house (including his phone) to german. koujaku is too proud to ask for help, but can’t look up translations so he suffers in silence. aoba visits one day and turns to him wondering why he can’t read anything in the house and koujaku, scathing, just says he should ask the german.


i wonder if clear has internet capabilities like allmates do

because in a world where the technology to integrate artificial intelligence and digital/online capabilities is so commonplace that it’s used in personal assistant technology that is widely available, it seems like it would be very…

Koujaku has a seriously hard time reading people, like he’s really bad at it, so when anyone asks him to do anything he’s in this panicked state of not knowing if they just mean let’s go take a shower or let’s go frick frack in the shower so he just goes along with it nervously waiting for some clear sign of what’s going on. 

Clear is always really aware of this and makes things obvious by being like let’s go have sex in the shower, Koujaku!! and the like, and while Koujaku is very appreciative of this he also gets really fucking flustered and blushy because wow that’s blunt he didn’t even imply it he just said it.

Noiz on the other hand becomes aware of this and starts messing with Koujaku, constantly acting like things are gonna be normal then making them sexual at the last minute and vice versa, but at a certain point he gets so confused as to which one he meant and Koujaku gets so flustered they just end up agreeing to frick frack reluctantly and carrying on from there.


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